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Welcome to Cando Fishing's web site. Home of New Zealand's Best Kina

We welcome you to Cando Fishing's Ltd website where we hope to showcase the products and services that

Cando Fishing Ltd can provide you. This web site is easily navigated and if you wish to purchase one of our products or services, you can do so by clicking on the links.

Cando Fishing Ltd fish for Kina at the bottom of New Zealand where the Kina has a reputation of being some of the best in the world. Cando Fishing Ltd can catch, process and deliver any quantity of Kina that you may require, fast efficiently, with next day delivery to your door. This insures a top quality and fresh product ready for you to sell on to your customers. No matter if you're a small customer or a major customer, think no further than Cando Fishing.

Check out some video of the recent Oyster Festival in Bluff. People trying out Kina for the first time.



Check out the latest footage from Julian and Dwane who will be competing at the World Spear Fishing Champs in Greece during the middle of September.


Cando Fishing is now offering 5kg boxes of frozen free flow Butterfish (Greenbone) for just $120.00 a box delivered to your doorstep anywhere in New Zealand


If you have never tried this fish, who some people have described as being better then Blue Cod, then the time is now to get this great tasting fish onto your plate.


Be in quick ... Limited supply




We have just 5 boxes of the 10kg free flow Butterfish as well for $170 delivered to your door.

To place your order, call the factory on 03 212 8081





Cando Fishing exclusive online deal with a very limited time offer


10KG packed free flow Butterfish (Greenbone) frozen box.


Normally $228.00 including

NOW!!! $170 including and free freight!!!

6 BOXES ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be in quick

Call us on 03 2128081 to secure your order


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Cando Fishing is very lucky to have 4 fantastic divers at the top of their game of which 2 will be representing New Zealand at the World Free Diving Championships. For those of you who don't know, in order to catch Kina, the divers are not allowed to use breathing aparatus and have to do whats called free diving. Dwane and Julian are 5x New Zealand Champions at this sport and are heading off soon to represent New Zealand in the world free diving championships in Greece. The team at Cando Fishing wish them all the best and hope they can bring it home.

Heres a video of Dwane at work.



Over the weekend Bluff became the hive of activity as the annual Bluff Oyster and Seafood Festival was held. The weekend drew huge numbers and was sold out well in advance. Cando Fishing had their stand set up ready for the punters that attended. Most noticable was the amount of people that have never tried Kina that came over to sample it. After a couple of screwed up faces, it was interesting to note that when they had got over the texture of the Kina, the taste came through and most were pleasantly suprised at how creamy and sweet the Kina were. In fact, 95% of the peope that had tried it, actually liked it.. however, there were the other 5% ;-)

Cando Fishing wish to make mention of the awesome job that the Oyster Festival Committee had done this year, with a remarkable difference over recent years. The atmosphere was tremendous and the stalls were user friendly.

The Cando Team stepped up to the challenge with Maxine and Jennie putting together a fantastic menu for people to try. Kina was the main product on offer with Marinated Greenbone (Butterfish) along with a very popular Paua Pattie sandwich and a selection of Cando Minced Paua Punnets. Campbell, Lyndsay, Pat and Jase were in the frontline with Maxine and Jennie sorting the Paua Patties out and some fantastic help from Jason and Lynley Phillips who had only come down to Bluff to attend the festival, but ending up making a big difference for the team by helping out behind the scenes. Cando Fishing also wish to thank Ryan McManaway for running backwards and forwards to the factory to keep us topped up with whole Kina.

Photos of the 2016 Bluff Oyster Festival

Maxine, Patsy, Lyndsay and Jennie setting up.

Cando Fishing Punnets

Very popular Kina shots on offer for the festival.

Whole Kina was just as popular as ever this year

First timer

International visitors to our stall. They really enjoyed the Kina

Not as bad as she thought.

The face got better once she was over the texture.

Never tried, but was suprised in the end.


Its not to far away until the crew get ready for the Bluff Oyster and Seafood Festival, which is being held on
Saturday the 21st of May 2016. As per usual, Cando Fishing will have a stall at the festival and will have some Kina for you all to try. Also on offer will be the opportunity to try some of our Marinated Greenbone and also some Paua Patties. The Bluff Seasfood and Oyster Festival is a huge event and if you have never had teh chance to attend, we suggest that you make a day of it and drop in to Bluffs biggest day on the calendar. More information can be found by hitting the site below:


Just a wee update to upload some photos of out the back here at Cando Fishing. Not many people can say that they work with this scenery out the window. Remember, you can drop in and see us and buy from our factory shop located at 248 Ocean Beach Road, Bluff.


Employment Opportunities:

Cando Fishing has some employment opportunities for hard working individuals who want to get started in the seafood industry. Cando Fishing ,at times, has opportunities on their boat or at our factory based in Bluff. Do you think this is you? Then send an email to Be part of a great team environment here at Cando Fishing Bluff


Hope you all have been enjoying the updates and changes made to the web site and also our Facebook page over the last couple of weeks.

Things are busy here at Cando Fishing with the Kina going out the door as quick as we can catch it at this stage, but we are still filling the orders and getting the product to you. Because of this, Cando Fishing now operates another factory out of the Chatham Islands that is fufilling orders as well.

Don't forget to get a hold of us for other Seafood with Oysters being available at certain times along with Greenbone Butterfish. Talk to one of our fantastic staff or send us an email to

Does online ordering suit you? Yes, you can sign up for online ordering if it makes it way easier for you. But first you need to talk to one of our staff to make sure you have the passcode to get into the ordering part of our web site and then you will need a unique Cando Fishing Code in order for you to be able to order. This process has been put into place to insure the security of you order, making it as safe as we possibly can.

In this update, we also have added where you can buy Cando Products from some of the fantastic Retailers we supply to. We have also added a list of restaurants that you can dine and enjoy Cando Fishing Products as well. If you aren't a retailer, then we cannot sell to you, but we can certainly point you in the right direction. If you are not on the list and wished to be added, then please send us an email and we will add you.

Thanks, The Team from Cando Fishing LTD


Over the last few weeks, you will notice that there has been a load more activity on the web site. With the inclusion of Online Ordering, some more info about products we sell and a huge Facebook presence. Cando Fishing Ltd will, over the next few months, be adding competitions, promotions and some marketing for our customers and retailers. Be sure to visit back the the web site on a regular basis or visit our Facebook page to find out about these deals.

If you are one of our valued retailers and want to be added onto the Online Ordering system, then please email for details on how to be apart of this easy system.


Facebook is a great way to find out all the latest promotions and competitions happening at Cando Fishing. Head over to our Facebook page and give it a like so that you can join in on finding the latest information on promotions. Find out about our latest promotion on Facebook and be in the draw to win a seafood package.



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