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Our product:

-Kina 100gm - 200gm

Fresh or Frozen Butterfish (Greenbone)

- Minced Paua

- Premium Minced Paua

- Paua Frozen in Shell

- Bluff Oysters (during season)

- Battered Greenbone Fish Bites

-Muttonbird Buckets (during season)



Product Information


Ever wondered how we catch and process Kina? Check out the video below to find out the process



Delivered in:

- 80, 60,50,40,30,20 Poly Bins.

- Overnight Delivery within NZ

About Kina

KINA – SEA URCHIN – Evechinus Chloroticus  

Kina is a shell fish and lives in the sea along the ocean floor. In the warmer seasons five reproductive organs of mature kina swell with millions of tiny yellow-orange spheres, mutually known as roe. This is found on the inside of the shell alongside the guts. Kina spends the day wedged in the rocks, seaweed, or somewhere sheltered and comes out to graze on algae at night. Kina is found all over New Zealand, and predominantly prefers a colder climate.  Many different species are found throughout the world varying greatly in size and colour. Raw kina roe is a traditional food of the Māori culture. The traditional method is to crack open the kina shell with a rock and take out the roe by hand then is eaten raw. 

Cando Fishing dives for kina within Fiordland, Stewart Island and the Solanders. These destinations are a part of the Southland seas within New Zealand.

Cando operates a 65foot boat named San Nicholas. 3 dinghies (smaller boats) are located upon the boat and lifted on and off from a hiab also located on and attached to the boat. All divers free dive – which means they are not allowed air tanks. When diving, a net is attached to the end of rope floated by a bouy. The dinghies drivers pull up the net filled with kina while throwing an empty net back in, before placing the kina within a dolav. An estimate of a 10 net load fill a dolav and on average the boat brings home 35 dolavs. Sometimes over 40 dolavs. With three or four divers plus an equivalent amount of dinghy boys – the operation of the Cando fishing vessel takes two days to complete.  

Within Cando Fishing Factory Kina is cracked opened by a factory worker who holds a kina cracker while many kinas are within a tray. These trays are passed to other workers who then spoon it out dividing the roe from the gut. This is then placed into punnets dated and packed within the chiller. Once ordered through our amazing office worker Patsy - they are boxed in poly bins and sent on NZ courier trucks just after lunch. Cando Kina has an overnight delivery at final destination (considering there are no hold ups for whatever reason). Orders for export are determined by the place of destination. From a load of 35 dolavs, it can  result in close to 5000 punnets depending on the recovery rate of roe within the kina.


Butterfish (Greenbone)


About Greenbone

The New Zealand Greenbone is usually consumed locally, but past history tells us that there is a 4-5 week opportunity for our domestic culinary talent to experience this rare delicacy.  This most popular butterfish harvested for the international market place is from the Odacidae (kelpfish) family. It can be properly marketed as “Butterfish” or “Greenbone.” It gets its second name from the forest green skin color and greenish hues in its bone structure. It is harvested in small numbers from shallow coastal waters in rocky areas around New Zealand and the Chatham Islands. Greenbone are a vegeterian fish and are caught by way of nets in a commercial enviroment. Most large commercial landings are in coastal areas around the Cook Strait with similar operators in the lower South Island. The flesh is delicate and juicy with a hint of the sea’s saltiness. It is suited for all cooking methods as it holds its moisture well and has up to 18 percent fat content. This fish is not related to the warehou species or other members of the Centrolophidae family which are called butterfish in Japan. It is also not related to walu or escolar that is sometimes marketed as butterfish in Hawaii.  This is the real butterfish, truly worthy of its name. Some have said that Greenbone Fish has a better taste and texture than Blue Cod and if cooked right, will melt in your mouth. If you have never tasted Butterfish, then don't delay. Cando Fishing can supply Greenbone in either a gutted fish state or as skin and boned fillets.


How to Order:

- Local (Within NZ) – PATSY - Phone: +64 03 212 8081



- Export/International - MAXINE - Phone: +64 03 212 8084


ALL international/export enquires will go straight to Maxine as the price varies for different places.


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