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Please read terms and conditions before purchasing a Live Video Stream - Scroll down once you have read terms and conditions to purchase.

Jason or The Pits Media will not be able to help with technical support

No Speedway or its committee ARE responsible for any of the streams and have kindly allowed us to stream this event. Under no circumstances can the organisers be approached in regards to this live stream. The Pits Media will know if you have watched a stream and are trying to get a refund. Under no circumstances will a refund be given if your:

1: Internet connection is slow. If you have a poor internet connection, DO NOT buy stream.

2: If you do not know how to register properly - Details on how to do this can be found by visiting and download the latest version for the device your on.

If you try to rebroadcast the streams provided by The Pits Media, then please be aware that this is theft. We will take your I.P address and proceed to prosecute for copyright and theft infringements. It is very expensive to hold live streams.

Please visit to ensure that your internet speedway exceed at least 7mbs download. Please also remove any other devices not essential as this will impact on the speed and quality of your stream.

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